See You at K2 Next Summer!!!

Summer has come to an end, and K2's gates will close today until next year. We are so thankful for all that the Lord has done this summer. Hearts have been changed, people added to the Kingdom, and memories have been made! That makes for a phenomenal summer. Below are just a few of the highlights of Summer 2014:

K-Life. The crazy skits (DO STUFF!! TO STUFF!!), worship time, and incredible speakers definitely make this one of the best parts of K2 every summer. 

Sunday Fun Day. Who doesn't love getting to relax all afternoon at whatever activity you want?!?

Two words. Coffee cake. 

Pod Day. Getting to take a break from your normal schedule and do something fun makes K2 the place to be! Meat for muffins, canoe and bluffs, and the eco challenge were just a few of the awesome pods to choose from.

Thank you so much for helping make K2 "Fully Charged" this summer!! We look forward to seeing you back in 2015. If you'd like to stay connected to Kanakuk year round, follow them on Twitter, @Kanakuk, or follow the blog, See you next year!!

Amazing Night

For any caring parent that is still following this K-2 Blog, it’s 10:30 PM Thursday night.  The bell is ringing over and over and over again.  With every peal of the bell dozens of kids cheer like their own brother or sister has just gone home from battle. 
Kids getting real…kids coming clean… kids getting their hears (and their lives right) with God. I cherish these kids. Their boldness is inspirational. Their culture is tough to navigate; the temptations are perilous.    The consequences are difficult to carry.  These K-2 kids are special.  Their hearts are good.   They want to live a good life.  They want to change their world.  They want to live in peace with God. I feel so blessed to be a small step in their journey.

-Joe White

Last Pod Day. Last Wednesday. Last week of Kamp

I’m sad!!! I’m going to miss these amazing K2 kids… A lot!

            I have been filming all day and I have seen hundreds of smiles, heard hundreds of cheering voices, and seen countless happy hearts and sparkling eyes.

            It was a beautiful day to film.  I also go to teach a couple dozen kids how to counsel, witness to, and disciple their hurting and lost friends.  My how these kids care!

            Yesterday a thirteen year old boy came to my office, he humbly said “I have been saving my lawn mowing money for a car.  I have saved 400 dollars.  I want to spend it on someone less fortunate.”  I believe he decided to send a “down syndrome” class mate to Camp Barnabas Special needs camp with his money.

Hearts transformed!  That’s what it’s all about.

Tonight is final tribal and final war ball.  Tomorrow we scrimmage Kids Across America in football and basketball and get a heart for kids from the inner city.  It’s a day that the kids will never forget.  Tomorrow night is final campfire.  The next day is parent’s day.  It’s wrapping up to fast!

Joe White 

Another beautiful K2 Day

Today is another beautiful, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy 84 degree day.  I wonder where the summer went.  I can’t believe that we are now in the last week of the greatest summer I can ever remember at kamp. 

Just today a precious young man from Cairo, Egypt, where as you know almost everyone, has a Muslim background.  Told me that he had accepted Christ into his heart and had rang the bell.  He told me that he had almost never read the Bible before he came to camp.

A girl came up to me as I was filming the volleyball specialty and told me how she was leaving all her bad habits at home forever.  Sweet as she looked on the outside, she came to camp with a lot of bad habits with boys and Marijuana.  

Another boy came up to me and wanted to be free from his habitual use of marijuana and pornography.  I helped him write a constitution whereby he would put 10 things he would never do again on one side of the paper and 10 things he would do every day on the other side of the paper and put it in his Bible; his eyes lit up as he made a commitment to live a Godly life 24/7 and 365. 

AS I went around the camp today and filmed all the different specialties I saw only happy faces, great friendships, growing relationships with Christ, and clear focused and dedicated eyes.  The only things more beautiful than this Ozark day was the faces of your kids throughout the Kamp.  Thanks for loaning us the greatest kids on earth.  Prayerfully when they get home they will even be better. -Joe White

"Pod Day"

Today is our first “Pod Day” for our final two week term.  It is an amazing day of optional activities with diversity to suit every imaginable camper desire.  We climb and rappel a mountainside,  explore a crystal cavern, “mission trip work” at Kids Across America, memorizing scripture for a trip to the blueberry farm, learn mentoring and counseling,  ski, sail, tube, blob, swim, dive, wave runner, plus “queen and king kuk”, “recess”, “art of manhood”, and a dozen others!  It is a blast all around the camp.  (God even threw in a little rain shower to make things even a little more interesting .) 

Tonight the kids will go wild with Lecrae and Tedashii playing a live concert.  As you probably know Lecrae  is the number one Christian hip-hop artist in America and so loved by the Kamp kids of all ages.  When the kids find out Lecrae is coming the place will explode

Can’t Wait!

Joe White

The Wise Eskimo

He was the mayor of his small Eskimo village.  He was known throughout his icy homeland for his wisdom.  He also had the finest sled dogs in the land. 

Each year the village people would gather to watch his famous annual “Sled Dog Tug-O-War.”  One team of white sled dogs would pull against an equally numbered team or black sled dogs.  Some years the white team would win.  Some years the black team would win.  Funny though, he would predict which team would win, and he was always predict the correct winning team. 

Now, later in his years, he decided to have one last tug-o-war and reveal the secret of how he knew which team would win with perfect consistency

As he hitched the two teams up to the rope for the one final pull, a young lad asked the man, “how do you always know which team will win?”

Without batting an eye the elderly mayor quietly said “the winner each year is the team I feed the most.”   

For two (or hopefully four) weeks our K2 kids win!  They win with themselves, they win with God and they win in relationships.  They win in their thoughts, their attitudes, and with their bodies.

No television, no iPad, iPhone, computers or negative influence keeping them from “The Word.”  It’s refreshing to the soul!  K-Life at night, bible verse memory each day, quiet time and morning church “Feed the Dogs” with encouragement throughout the day.

Instead of “where’s the party this weekend”, they hear “what did God teach you at K-Life?”  

Instead of “How many texts did you get yesterday”, they hear “what did you learn in your quiet time this morning?”

“Atta Boys”, “Way to Go’s”; “I’m proud of you’s” and “nice going” fill the air.  Kids cheer for each other when the bell rings.  Kinds stand and worship harmoniously from the bottom of their heart on K-Life nights.

It’s easy to guess which “team or sled dogs” will win at the end of the term.  It’s been a blast feeding them!


Sunday Blog

For 37 years Mary Anne has been cooking hot coffee cake for K2 kids on Sunday mornings. Kids talk about it all year! Mary Anne is typical of the "behind the scenes" Kanakuk support staff who "go the extra mile" every day to make kamp the full, vast, extensive experience it is for kids.

Saturday, our last (sadly) 14 day crew arrived with their footlockers safe and sound. Sunday morning I got to share the "I'm Third" challenge at church. There wasn't a weary or distracted eye in the service. These are good kids you sent us with good hearts. Some have strayed off of the path but they want to get it right! We've got two weeks to get their feet firmly planted on THE solid rock.

I appreciate your prayers! Joe White

Opening Day Final Term

Opening Day was warm and wonderful! Kampers arriving on busses, cars and airplanes from all around the world!

The kids began their venture on wave runners and ski nautiques as soon as we got them! Then they were greeted by Fully Charged staff. A little unpacking and then full action on ziplines, waterslides and pool fun!  

We will be posting the Opening Day video soon and encourage you to keep up with us on here, twitter and the daily photos!

Keep us in prayer as we jump into our final term of kampers! God is so good!!! - Joe White


For many of our kampers this is a sad day as it is for me. For many of our kampers it is halftime; a time to refocus, realign goals, build deeper relationships, solidify connections.

 Our 28 night kampers take a well supervised “24” on Saturday as staff and kids go to a waterpark, a movie (K-rated of course) and eat McDonalds food again!!!

 For our 14 night kampers “parting is such sweet sorrow.” I don’t know of very many kids who want to leave. We sure do hate to see them go. What a great goup of teenagers; really a splendid bunch! I can’t think of one problem we’ve had; it’s been great!

 I’ll get to see many of you tonight. Saturday, new kampers arrive. Every bunk is full with wait lists. (I’m glad I’m one of the fortunate to be here!)

 Joe White

 PS – I’m writing late Thursday night. We’ve just finished Cross Talk! In the distance I hear campers cheering as the bell is ringing! 

"One Fine Day"

One Fine Day

I forgot most or all the lyrics but the title of this old 60s song has been playing in my mind over and over again today! This has definitely been one fine day.


The weather could not be more beautiful, mid 80s, clear blue skies, joyful and eager kids in the whole lot of “Kamp is changing my life for the better!” 

 When I think about all it takes to provide “One Fine Day” at K2, I simply stand amazed.  100 dedicated sold out counselors and leadership going all out for kids. 30 cooks and kitchen staff pouring out there love in front of the hot stove, ovens and sinks full of dirty dishes; two doctors and five nurses caring for everyone’s sore throat or headache, like it were the President’s child in their care; with 35 sports and activities , with rowboats, blob's and athletic balls then you couldn't pack into a dozen railroad cars; and 450 willing kids who want to pursue God and give it their best, every day .  But, most importantly the one God who created everything good and gives us his blessing to make this “One Fine Day” possible. 

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