Bill Lantz Memorial Pentathlon

In 1932, a man named Bill Lantz became the director of Kamp Kugaho founded in 1926. “Uncle Bill” as he came known to be, promptly changed the name to Kanakuk and began some of our oldest traditions like “the Four-Square Life” and the “I’m Third”. Today, 88 years later, K-2 puts on the “Uncle Bill” Memorial Pentathlon in honor of the man that started Kanakuk. Back in the “good ole days” of kamp, the activities were very simple. Kampers would run, swim, canoe, do “chinnies” on a pull-up bar and shoot archery. In memory, each kabin at kamp today runs through a course in a race to determine the fastest kabin in kamp. The race starts at the pool, where two swimmers must complete eight laps. Then their designated runner sprints down to the lake where two kampers in a canoe are waiting. They paddle around one of the boeys out in the lake and head back handing the baton to the runner. The runner runs on a trail all the way around kamp until he gets to the archery range. Two kampers shoot ten arrows and try to get their best score. Then the runner sprints down to the front office and gives it to a second runner who completes the same circuit without stopping all the way to the finish line. It’s a grueling and exhausting race but there can only be one Kuk and one Komo winner! Here at kamp, we believe competition is only a reflection of the race we are meant to run in our spiritual lives. In 1 Corinithian 9:24 it says,

“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.”

We compete to win an earthly prize in the Pentathlon. But the prize that awaits us in heaven for running the Christian race is far greater! An eternity with our Lord and Savior!

Final Tribal

This summer we have been blessed to have our kamp tribes led by some exceptional chiefs and princesses. Each summer at the end of the term, kampers vote on and select their leader for the next year at kamp. It is one of the biggest honors a kamper can receive. They are expected to be leaders both on and off the playing field and to lead their tribe with excellence in leadership and in servanthood. Being a servant-leader is one of the best ways to live like Christ. Philippians 2:3-8 says it all:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death-even death on a cross!”

Our Chiefs and Princesses embody that philosophy. To lead their tribes they must lead like Christ, with a servant’s attitude and a humble heart. A huge Kanakuk standing “O” to all of our Chiefs & Princesses this summer!

Cross Talk

At the end of every term here at K-2, we are blessed to experience one of the most inspiring and emotional nights of the entire summer. Cross Talk is a re-enactment of the crucifixion drama. Though we could never even begin to approach the agony of Jesus' crucifixion, the powerful and emotional message of the cross remains. Seeing even a glimpse of the suffering Christ went through and realizing that it was our sin and debt that nailed Him to the cross is an extraordinary reminder and elicits powerful emotions that often brings tears to even the hardest of hearts. Another drama set to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse, messages by Joe White, Shay Robbins and an absolutely flooring night of worship completed the evening. Hundreds of kampers streamed down to the cross with tears in their eyes as they were reminded of the power of the gospel; that Jesus Christ died the death we deserved, paid our debt of sin in full and that He resurrected on the third day to be in relationship with us forever. It was an extraordinary night! The bell was ringing until midnight as kamper after kamper boldly pledged to walk away from their old lives of negative practices and begin a new life following Jesus. Praise God and His abundant grace and forgiveness! We are filled with gratitude and praise to our God and Savior for an unforgettable, life changing night. 

Click Here to see The video of the Everything Skit!

Last K-Life of the Summer!

Our last K-Life of the term and the summer was one to remember. We were blessed to have a performance by none other than Voices of Glory! A trio of siblings who first started singing together at their mother’s bedside, Voices of Glory appeared on America’s Got Talent and currently performs a daily show in Branson, Missouri! And boy, are they talented! It was such an unbelievable performance that the kampers gave them a standing “O” for every single song they performed!

Then we had the privilege of hearing a talk from a very special guest! Daniel Sepulveda is a former Baylor Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers punter that has won everything from the Ray Guy Award (twice!), for the best college punter in the nation, to a Super Bowl with the Steelers! But it was his humility and love for Jesus that stood out when he spoke. He spoke on identity and how, despite his successes, his relationship with God was more important than any super bowl ring. He also talked about how God is always good, despite circumstances changing. His testimony, which included him talking about how injuries forced him to give up the game he loved and how he dealt with that huge change, was a testament to his love for God. It was an amazing night! Fitting for the last K-Life of the Summer!


In 2007 Adam Donyes and Joe White had an idea that would change kamp in a huge way. They envisioned a program where kampers would be able to be equipped in the word, go back home and change their schools and hometowns for Christ. This program started small, with only a few kampers interested. But today, eight years later, K-Equip is the most popular specialty at kamp! Over 100 kampers per term gather in the beautiful K-2 chapel and hear messages from Joe and Debbie Joe White, Adam Donyes and Don Ford. The program covers a variety of topics like creation, the resurrection, relationships, an inductive bible study and even a statement of faith! It’s one of the best ways for kampers to delve deep into their faith and learn practical ways to share their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ!

Sunday Funday!

It’s the last Sunday of kamp and we couldn’t be more excited for the last week of the summer! Our favorite day of the week includes a delicious breakfast of coffee cake, eggs and some fresh fruit, some early morning church and worship and is topped off with a lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
Last night we got the privilege to hear Don Ford at K-Life. His message of filling up in Jesus rather than the world is still ringing in our hearts. John 3:20 says that “He must increase but I must decrease.” We are called to get rid of the entrapments of sin and be filled in the Holy Spirit. The more of ourselves and our flesh we pour out, the more Jesus can come in and fill our lives. It was a fantastic message for our kampers and staff!
With only one week left of kamp for the entire summer we are ready to make this the kraziest, most krunk week of the entire year!

Christmas with the Krunks

The sleigh bells are ringing and the chestnuts are roasting here at K-2. It’s Christmas in August! We started off the Christmas day with some good ole fashioned Holiday cooking. Turkey, Ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, apple cobbler and ice cream rounded out the menu. Then it was off for some Christmas activities! We had a white elephant gift exchange in the K-Dome, a “snowball” fight in the boys gym, decorated Christmas cookies in the dining hall and then topped it off with some of our favorite Christmas movies. We even got a live performance from our Christmas singers who sang us a Christmas Carol! Then it was off to one of the kraziest, most krunk dance parties we’ve ever had at K-2 complete with all our favorite songs and a mountain of snow! It was the best party of the summer! Celebrating Jesus’ birth is a tribute to the day that God became a baby and entered our world to show us how to live, show us how to love, show us how to die and show us that by faith we can “rise again.”

No wonder Christmas is “The most wonderful time of the year!”


Cherokees and Choctaws. Kickapoos and Kiowas. The four great tribes of Kanakuk. Every summer, all kampers at K-2 compete, cheer and encourage their fellow brother and sisters in competitions that span the entire course of the term. Their adopted tribe will become like a second family. All kampers are born into the same tribes their parents, grandparents and even great grandparents were in. It’s a tradition that spans generations!
Throughout the term the kampers compete in a variety of activities. Basketball, dodgeball, football and karnival are just a few of the dozens of competitions we have here at The Deuce. We love to have good clean, Christ-centered, competition that highlights the talent of kampers, and the sportsmanship and spirit of their tribes. At the end of the term only two tribes will be able to raise their flag at closing ceremonies. Cherokee or Choctaw. Kickapoo or Kiowa. But regardless of who wins at the end, we know here at Kanakuk that all are victorious in Christ!

Creation Talk

“An orderly unfolding universe testifies to the truth of the most majestic statement ever uttered In the Beginning…God” –Dr. Arthur Compton

Last night we were blessed to have Dr. Joe White share with us the power and majesty of God’s creation talk in one of the most anticipated talks of the term, Creation Talk! With the twinkling stars above, Joe gave us a picture of an almighty God who’s glory is revealed in the enormity and intelligence of our created universe. He showed us pictures and movies of some of the trillions of stars, nebulae and galaxies. We were in wonder when he described the perfection of the tuning and intelligence it took to create the universe. And we marveled at the beauty of even the simplest creatures and the magnificent and intelligent design that God used to create them. It was an amazing night! We are so grateful to God that he gave us His beautiful creation to please and delight us! And we are grateful for Kanakuk where we can enjoy talks like these!

Check our this video we showed the kampers last night about the Power of the Universe!

Not Your Typical Rainy Day

Last night we got the surprise of the summer! Michael W. Smith performed for us live in the K-Dome! The Grammy Award winning artist and Christian music icon has been writing Kanakuk theme songs and performing live here since 1986! It was such a treat to hear some of our favorite songs from Michael’s 30+ years of music like Friends, One Time, Love Crusade, Fuel and Game On! We had a blast singing and dancing with Smitty as we packed the K-Dome along with our fellow kampers from K-Seven and K-West. What a night! Every day is an adventure here at K-2!

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