"One Fine Day"

One Fine Day

I forgot most or all the lyrics but the title of this old 60s song has been playing in my mind over and over again today! This has definitely been one fine day.


The weather could not be more beautiful, mid 80s, clear blue skies, joyful and eager kids in the whole lot of “Kamp is changing my life for the better!” 

 When I think about all it takes to provide “One Fine Day” at K2, I simply stand amazed.  100 dedicated sold out counselors and leadership going all out for kids. 30 cooks and kitchen staff pouring out there love in front of the hot stove, ovens and sinks full of dirty dishes; two doctors and five nurses caring for everyone’s sore throat or headache, like it were the President’s child in their care; with 35 sports and activities , with rowboats, blob's and athletic balls then you couldn't pack into a dozen railroad cars; and 450 willing kids who want to pursue God and give it their best, every day .  But, most importantly the one God who created everything good and gives us his blessing to make this “One Fine Day” possible. 

Not Just Another Saturday

Not just another Saturday! Beautiful, energetic, sunny day at K2 today! My have you been blessed with great kids, great staff, great leadership, and yes, great food this summer!!

I love these teenage campers that you have sent us. There is not one “Bad Egg” in the bunch. Some are struggling more at home than others but here they all are striving to become their very best. I am proud of them.

To bake a good cake, you’ve got to have eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, and butter. To raise a good child you’ve got to have:

A.      Lots of encouragement

B.      Time invested to build a relationship

C.      Clear rules and boundaries

D.      An atmosphere of discipline

E.       Daily Bible and prayer devotion time together

F.       Walk your talk and be an example

We love partnering with you on this great journey! There is no better job in the world!

Joe White

Gorgeous Day in the Ozarks

Another gorgeous day in the Ozarks! My only problem with K-2 this summer is where is the time going and why do the days pass by so quickly?! I’ve been filming today and I just can’t tell you how happy these faces are! I hear exuberant screams into the camera like: “fun”, “crazy”, “exciting”, “friendships”, “amazing”, “inspiring”, “love”, “Jesus”,     “All Crepic” (kamp talk for Crazy-Epic) and “awesome”.

I talked to the boys this morning very frankly about the dangers and pitfalls of pornography and how to come clear and stay clean from this awful menace.  Way too many boys are looking at unfiltered iPhones. Their hearts are good. They want to get it right. We’ve got to help them by putting filters and accountability and boundaries on all those electronic devices.

Tonight Don Ford speaks at K-Life. He always does an amazing job of communicating truth. Good things are happening. The Bell is ringing. Keep praying for us.


The Vibe

It's a beautiful "Fall Like" day in the Ozarks Today.  We love the "Global Cooling" we are experiencing this summer!!  I'm amazed how absolutely happy these 450 ­­teenagers  here!  I've checked in on lots of kids, both boys and girls to see how the tam is doing , how the cabins are getting along and how the fellowship are growing and I'm seeing nothing but smiles.  As one just told me "There's a vibe here that is so amazing.” I know that the vibe is the presence of God as we've turned out all the media, all iPad; iPhones, and tuning in to Christian Music and Fellowship.

These kids are bombarding with music in their teen culture at home.  They all love the breaks; I haven't had one kamper say, "Boy, I wish I had my iPhone or my instagram. 

The sounds of song birds, locust, the singing and laughing have replaced the madness of the electronic world.  I believe everyone welcomes the vacation.



            After a record low of 59° last night.  We had a Beautiful sunny/partly cloudy "Pod Day"!
(High 70s/Low 80s).  Nice Minnesota weather! Pod Day is a smorgasbord of novel activities; caving, mountain climbing, sailing, wave runner, wake boarding, bluff  jumping, scripture memory, canoeing, mentoring (discipleship/counseling), hiking Dogwood Canyon, water sliding, strength and conditioning, "mission trip" to Kids Across America, and lots of plain outdoor fun.  

Tonight we will have an exuberant concert by the famous Christian rap artist Thi’sl (The kids will go crazy), and to talk out under the stars about God and the cosmos.

We are having a blast!

- Joe White


9, 10, 11, & 12 year campers gathered for an Ice Cream Social today and talked about their dream to use all their Kamp wisdom to go out and change their world! It was fantastic to see so many kids empowered and equipped to  make a difference in the lives in their schools!

Today was beautiful! Lots of campers are talking about how quickly the cabins are coming together with solid Christ-centered friendships. If there are a group of finer teenagers gathered in America, I’d like to see it! These kids are super!


Wonderful K2 Weekend

It was a wonderful first Sunday! We feasted on Maryanne’s 37 th summer making her world famous coffeecake for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch! We had a beautiful outdoor worship service and cabin bonding all afternoon.

This term is full of really great kids! Last night we had our first party (“World Cup”) and then ended the day with tribal competition in dodge ball.

Today, we woke up to a beautiful Monday morning, partly cloudy skies, a gentle western wind, and 90 degrees. The kids are all over kamp getting their first specialty classes and first blog, ski, sail, canoe, etc, etc, experiences. The water has never been prettier!

Tonight is our first K-Life with skits, worship, and Shay Robbins bringing a motivational message. Thanks for sending wonderful kids! We’re off to a great start!


Time is Going Way Too Fast

A beautiful POD Day in so many ways! The only thing more beautiful is the warm, 86 degrees, blue sky are the warm smiles on the campers wearing on their faces. I have asked several campers why they keep coming back to kamp. One camper quotes “My camp friends, are my best friends on earth”. Another said, “friendships here are true friendships. They are based on Christ, not on looks or how popular you are period”. Another talked about how friends bring out the best in you. Another camper talked about the freedom to be themselves. Several campers talk about “this is the place they grow closer to God.” Believe it or not, several kids have remarked about how free they feel from all the drama iPhones and social media.

You have loaned us great kids and we are thankful for you. Amidst all the sailing, skiing, tubing, blobbing, etc, etc, etc…that is going on all around me, the best part of this day is this: Hearts are shaping, molding, strengthening, and becoming more and more like Jesus.


“I’ve Never Been This High”

He knew he needed kamp but he didn’t want to go. Life at home was “freedom”: drugs, alcohol, porn, and girls – it was a way of life for him. He acts “free and happy” but inside he knew he needed help. For 9 days of kamp his counselors and cabin mates pushed him towards the cross.

Last night at cross talk he broke down and gave his life to Jesus! His cabin cheered as he shared how God had finally given him true freedom. He said to me this morning during weight training “I’ve never been this high in my life”.

Truth is, if all were known, his story was duplicated over and over again last night with various pathways to the cross. It was a most memorable evening for everyone.

Our Director, Shay Robbins did a splendid job presenting the crucifixion.

Today is beautiful, a bit breezy, and kamp is a happy place.


More Than Just Fireworks!

July 4 at K-2 is a giant red, white, and blue celebration! Kids wear the colors of their flag (some paint their face). Fireworks explode at night for ever half an hour while everybody sings “God Bless the U.S.A.”.

But, when you read between the lines you see a lot more on the beauty of an exploding “star shell” in the sky. You see kids that are so happy inside they can’t contain it. Here they are free from the internet, iPhones, iPads, depressing news, negative peer pressure, school drama, gossip, and the need to be somebody to “fit in” to a culture that’s grown dark and difficult.

Yesterday at our morning chapel we talked about the dangers of negative and harmful images on the internet. 8 out of 10 of our boys are struggling with porn. They listened attentively as we presented a play for “4 th of July Freedom” from any addiction and habits that bring on guilt and shame. These guys all have good hearts. “Let Freedom Ring” was the quest of every heart in kamp. The way these kids pursue wholesome friendships and a true relationship with Christ is the greatest 4 th of July celebration on earth.


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